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Arterial Condtions

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What is a Arterial Condtions?

Arterial disease is any condition that affects your arteries, the blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood from your heart to the rest of your body. This means that arterial disease can affect many parts of the body, from heart to kidneys to legs. Symptoms vary based on the condition, though the most common are fever, weight loss, and aches and pains

About Arterial Conditions

You are more likely to develop an arterial condition if you:

  • Are obese
  • Eat a lot of high-calorie or salty food
  • Have a sedentary lifestyle
  • Have diabetes
  • Have high blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Have high cholesterol
  • Smoke

At Airen Vascular, we help you with surgical, minimally invasive and medical treatment solutions for all your arterial concerns with the best vascular surgeon in Jaipur, Dr. Ashish Airen.

Treatments for Arterial Conditions:

As shared earlier, the goal of surgical treatments is to open the affected artery. This can be achieved through different treatments.

  • Embolectomy : Embolectomy surgery is a procedure undertaken to remove an embolus, which is a blockage in the artery. An embolus is any form of mass that is unattached to the vessel walls and is capable of blocking it. An embolus could be a blood clot. air bubble, piece of fatty deposit or any other object carried in the vessel. Removing such an embolus with an emergency surgery is called embolectomy
  • Catheter directed thrombolysis: Catheter directed thrombolysis Is a process by which the occluded artery or vein segment is approached via Catheter through a small needle puncture. Here we enter and precisely place the catheter with multiple side holes into the thrombosed segment and give slow infusion of thrombolytic agents.

Cost of Arterial Conditions treatment:

Rs. 1,00,000/-

Over the wire embolectomy

Rs. 2,50,000/-

Suction catheter based thrmbolectomy

Rs. 1,50,000/-

Catheter direct thrombolysis without stent

Rs. 3,00,000/-

CDT with stenting

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