Identify the Causes Of Burning Sensation in the Lower Legs and Feet

Identify the Causes Of Burning Sensation in the Lower Legs and Feet

Are you experiencing burning sensation in legs below your knees for so long? Are you wondering why you are feeling a sudden warmness in both of your legs? Well, this blog can help you understand the common causes, symptoms and how it can be treated. Our varicose vein doctor can examine you and provide the right treatment. So, let’s move ahead and first know the causes of burning legs in the below section.

Know the 6 Main Causes of Burning Legs

Do you know what causes burning sensation in lower legs and feet? Here are the six main causes which are as follows:

Venous Insufficiency

The first cause of the burning legs is venous insufficiency, which happens when veins struggle to return blood to the heart. This occurs due to the disturbed blood circulation in the veins in the legs. This impacts the flow of blood and can create blood clots in your legs.

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Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

When blood clots form in deep veins and obstruct the blood flow, it results in discomfort and a burning sensation in legs. DVT not only causes a severe burning sensation but can also increase swelling in the affected area. In such situation, you can take guidance from our best vascular surgeon.

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Nerve Compression

Nerve compression occurs when there is a huge pressure on the nerves. The biggest reason for this can be an injury or herniated discs. The sufferer can feel tingling, aching, burning and throbbing in their legs.

Varicose Veins

When the swollen and twisted veins impaired the blood flow and leads to a leg discomfort, that burning sensation in legs and feet is known as varicose veins.

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

PAD or Peripheral Artery Disease occurs when narrowed arteries limit the blood supply in the legs. Because of this, you will experience pain, cramps, and a sudden burning sensation in your legs.

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

An urge to move the legs is often accompanied by unpleasant sensations, including burning, especially during rest. It is a neurological disorder that creates discomfort in your legs, mainly at night.

These are the causes of burning legs, and it is essential to understand these conditions. This will help you find the root cause of the burning sensation. Moreover, if you have been experiencing such issues for a long time, do visit one of the best doctor for varicose veins in Jaipur. Now that you know the causes, have a look at its symptoms in the below section.

Symptoms of Burning Sensation in Legs

The burning sensation in your lower legs can be a sign of many things. Thus, some of the symptoms are listed below for your awareness:

  • Blue and dark purple bulging and twisted veins appear beneath the skin.
  • Pain or aching in your legs
  • Swollen ankles due to poor blood circulation.
  • Heaviness or fatigue in the lower legs, especially towards the end of the day.
  • Itching or burning sensation around the affected veins.
  • Throbbing or muscle cramps in the legs.
  • Skin changes around the affected veins as it become discolored or develop a rash.

It is necessary to keep in mind that people suffering from veins might experience these symptoms. If you are also noticing these symptoms in your legs, quickly consult a doctor and take a venous disease treatment. Apart from that, you must know what are the risk factors involved with this.

6 Reason for Burning Sensation in Feet

According to our Dr. Ashish Airen, here are some reason for burning sensation in feet that raise the chances of venous disorder development.

Age: The risk is higher when you are getting older, as veins start losing elasticity over time, especially after the age of 50.

Gender: Women are more susceptible and feel more burst sensations in their legs and feet. The reason is the hormonal changes they are experiencing during pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause.

Genetic Disorder: If any of your family members are experiencing sudden warm feeling in leg issues, there is a high chance that you might develop varicose veins or venous problem.

Pregnancy: During pregnancy, a woman carrying a baby in her womb puts extra pressure on her leg veins. This increases the chances of burning sensation in legs and feet.

Obesity: This is another factor, being obese strains the veins, and you start experiencing a sudden warm feeling in leg.

Sitting or Standing for Long Duration: Today’s lifestyle involves long hours of sitting and standing while working, and this can contribute to poor blood circulation.

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There are more factors that can increase the risk of developing burning sensation in leg below knee. So, better take a consultation with a professional and know the actual reason for burning sensation in feet. There are multiple treatments possible for burning sensation in your legs. So if you are worried about and don’t know the treatments, then in the below section you will get amazing knowledge of them.

Treatment Options Recommended by Our Vascular Experts

Are you seeking ways how to treat burning sensation in legs? This section will provide you ample information regarding the same. Here are some of the best treatments suggested by many veins specialist which are as follows:

1. Change your lifestyle, do regular exercise, eat nutritious food and avoid emerging risk factors.

2. Try to keep your legs elevated while resting. This will help you reduce swelling and relax your legs veins.

3. Use compression stockings to provide pressure, as it improves blood flow and reduces discomfort.

4. The doctor says following treatment improves the burning sensation in leg below knee.

  • First, Sclerotherapy; in this process, they inject a solution into the vein to cause it to collapse and eventually fade.
  • Second, EVLT, which is Endovenous Laser Treatment. It is used to close off the affected vein. Also, it helps redirect blood flow to healthier veins.
  • Third, Radiofrequency Ablation, popularly known as RFA. This is similar to EVLT, but instead of using a laser, doctors uses radiofrequency energy to seal the vein.
  • Forth, vein stripping. In this procedure, the doctors remove the affected vein through surgery.

You can go for any treatment that you want as per your situation. If in case you don’t want any treatment, then you can change your daily routine or follow some basic treatments. But before anything, it is necessary to consult with a healthcare professional. They can guide you and provide the best treatment as per your condition. So, now the question arises in your mind, when I should consult the vascular surgeon? Here is the answer in the next section.

When to Consult Dr. Ashish to Treat Burning Sensation in Legs

In India, people have a tendency to ignore their vascular-related diseases, which is not the right habit. This is why consulting a professional vascular surgeon can be a best solution for you. They can help you to identify the root cause of the burning sensation in legs and feet at an early stage. Moreover, there are some important indications or symptoms of burning sensation in legs that are mentioned above on our page. Read that, and if you are experiencing such issues, consult a healthcare specialist as soon as possible or visit our website to know more in detail and to book an appointment with us.

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