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Lympha Press Therapy

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What is Lympha press therapy?

Lympha Press is the standard method in dynamic compression treatment, with over 30 clinical studies and publications evidencing to its effectiveness. Lympha Press treatment is trusted by doctors, therapists, and patients to alleviate symptoms of lymphedema, lipedema, and venous insufficiency.

Many cosmetic and health issues, such as cellulite, water retention, uneven skin tone, and slow digestion that can cause bloating and pain, have an efficient solution with the Lympha press. Multiple issues, including tissue swelling, poor skin tone, extra weight, migraines, and joint discomfort, can result from a weakened lymphatic system caused by sickness, surgery, stress, or lack of physical exercise.

Lympha press massages can help eliminate cellulite by firming, smoothing, and toning the skin and decreasing volume in problem areas including the stomach, upper arms, buttocks, and legs..

– Dr. Ashish Airen provides Lympha press therapy and is one of the best vascular surgeon in Jaipur having a great expertise in the field.