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Venous diseases are conditions that arise from pathologies of the veins. Veins are the blood vessels that carry blood from the organs back to the heart. They are the vessels that carry back the deoxygenated blood at low pressure.

Symptoms of Venous diseases

The various concerns that people have related to Venous diseases and how it presents include the following:

Varicose veins

Varicose veins is a condition where you can see swollen and bulging veins, most commonly in the legs. This occurs due to issues in the valves of the veins. Under normal circumstances, the valves prevent blood from flowing backwards. However, in individuals with varicose veins, this does happen leading to the typical appearance.

Venous diseases treatments

There are multiple treatment options available that help in reversing the effects of Venous diseases. The choice of treatment depends on your concerns. The results from these treatments are quite remarkable.

Radiofrequency ablation

Radiofrequency ablation involves the passage of RFA probe inside a vein. This technique uses radiofrequency energy to generate heat inside the vein. The heat then damages the inner wall of the vessel. This usually closes off a varicose vein in the leg. Once closed, the main issue if the leg is resolved, as blood does not accumulate in the vein.

Venaseal treatment

Venaseal is one of the latest treatments available for varicose veins. It involves the injection of a medical gel based glue into the varicose vein, with the purpose of occluding the vein. Once the vein is occluded, blood supply from the vein stops and so do the associated problems. Once the vein is blocked, the reverse flow of blood stops and it cures the diseased vein.
This is an FDA approved procedure and is covered by all health insurance providers.

What is the cost of Venous diseases treatments?

The prices vary slightly by city. However, an indicative price table for the treatment options are listed below:

Single vein RF ablation cost Rs. 10000
Multiple veins RF ablation cost (average) Rs. 35000
Single vein Venaseal treatment cost Rs. 130000
Multiple veins Venaseal cost (average) Rs. 275000

How effective are Venous diseases treatments?

Venous diseases treatments are highly effective when administered by a trained professional.

Below are some before and after pictures to visualize the effectiveness of the treatment:

Steps of RF ablation treatment

Radiofrequency ablation is a day-care procedure and does not require you to be admitted. The after-care is simple and can be followed by you from home. The steps of the procedure are:

Consultation with Dr. Ashish Airen

The top vascular surgeon of Jaipur will first meet you and assess your condition. He will then inform you of the preferred line of treatment.

Preparation for treatment

In case RF ablation is chosen as the preferred line of treatment, you will be taken to the treatment room where local anesthesia will be provided and you will be prepared for the treatment.

Treatment and after-care advise

The treatment will be performed and after your surgeon is satisfied with the results achieved, you will be asked to leave the minor OT and collect your after-care instructions, to be followed at home.

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Embolectomy surgery is a procedure undertaken to remove an embolus, which is a blockage in the artery. An embolus is any form of mass that is unattached to the vessel walls and is capable of blocking it. An embolus could be a blood clot. air bubble, piece of fatty deposit or any other object carried in the vessel. Removing such an embolus with an emergency surgery is called embolectomy.

Catheter directed thrombolysis

Catheter directed thrombolysis Is a process by which the occluded artery or vein segment is approached via Catheter through a small needle puncture.
Here we enter and precisely place the catheter with multiple side holes into the thrombosed segment and give slow infusion of thrombolytic agents.


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