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Concerns that Radiofrequency ablation helps with:
Varicose veins

Radiofrequency ablation involves the passage of RFA probe inside a vein. This technique uses radiofrequency energy to generate heat inside the vein. The heat then damages the inner wall of the vessel. This usually closes off a varicose vein in the leg. Once closed, the main issue if the leg is resolved, as blood does not accumulate in the vein.

How does Radiofrequency ablation help with varicose veins?

Ablation basically refers to heating up tissue. When we say radiofrequency (RF) ablation, we therefore mean that RF energy is used to heat up the tissue in the vein. Once the inner walls of the vein are heated, we mean for the vein to close down. Once the vein closes, it will relieve you of the symptoms that are associated with varicosities, since blood will not accumulate in that vein. The body automatically adjusts and other vessels take over to supply the blood back to the heart.

Once the treatment is completed, you will be asked to follow certain after-care guidelines, which will be detailed later in this page. Please follow them carefully.

Who is a right candidate for the treatment?

There are certain criteria that one has to look at before recommending RFA. RF ablation may not be the right line of treatment in case:
- The vein involved is too small for the catheter to enter or too large to expect proper ablation to take place
- During pregnancy
- When there are aneurysmal sources of venous reflux present
- Compromised deep venous vascular system
- Poor health in general

How effective is Radiofrequency ablation?

The treatment is quite effective for closing varicose veins. Globally, on average, the success rate for the first attempt of RF ablation is 88%. At Airenvascular, the success rate is 95%. (95 out of 100 patients get the desired results in 1 sitting). You can see the below before and after pictures to visualize the kind of results achieved.

What is the cost of Radiofrequency ablation?

The cost of radiofrequency ablation treatment depends on the number of veins that require occlusion and also the complexity of the procedure. We have provided in the below table, the cost for RF ablation of a single varicose vein, as well as the average cost at our clinics for a patient with multiple varicose veins.

Single vein RF ablation cost Rs. 10000
Multiple veins RF ablation cost (average) Rs. 35000

Steps of RF ablation treatment

Radiofrequency ablation is a day-care procedure and does not require you to be admitted. The after-care is simple and can be followed by you from home. The steps of the procedure are:

Consultation with Dr. Ashish Airen

The top vascular surgeon of Jaipur will first meet you and assess your condition. He will then inform you of the preferred line of treatment.

Preparation for treatment

In case RF ablation is chosen as the preferred line of treatment, you will be taken to the treatment room where local anesthesia will be provided and you will be prepared for the treatment.

Treatment and after-care advise

The treatment will be performed and after your surgeon is satisfied with the results achieved, you will be asked to leave the minor OT and collect your after-care instructions, to be followed at home.

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The advantage of RF ablation at Airen Vascular

There are some things that make us the destination of choice for RFA treatment in Jaipur.

The top vascular surgeon

Dr. Ashish Airen is considered the top vascular surgeon of Jaipur with experience at Maulana Azad Medical College and Medanta Medicity.

Best infrastructure

At Airen vascular, we provide the best infrastructure, operating rooms and input materials. You can rest assured about the quality of treatment.

Transparent Costs

We are renowned for our ethical and transparent approach. We are very clear about the costs of your treatment and there are no hidden charges involved.

After-care and potential risks

Once you've completed the treatment, there are certain instructions that you must follow at home:
- you need to wear a compression stocking for 7-10 days after the treatment
- You need to perform a follow-up ultrasound a few days later to help the surgeon ensure that the vein has been occluded
- Some antibiotics may be prescribed to you.

The major risk of the procedure is the potential of infection at the site of incision. However, we have no instances of such an event in the scores of surgeries performed.

Other Treatments that help with Venous diseases

Other treatments that are related to Venous diseases:

Venaseal treatment

Venaseal is one of the latest treatments available for varicose veins. It involves the injection of a medical gel based glue into the varicose vein, with the purpose of occluding the vein. Once the vein is occluded, blood supply from the vein stops and so do the associated problems. Once the vein is blocked, the reverse flow of blood stops and it cures the diseased vein.
This is an FDA approved procedure and is covered by all health insurance providers.


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