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Venaseal Treatment

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What is Venaseal?

Varicose veins develop when the vein valves, which normally direct blood back up to the heart, become damaged or infected. Varicose veins will worsen in both symptoms and appearance if they are not addressed.

The novel VenaSeal therapy involves the application of a medical glue specifically prepared to cover the damaged vein and redirect blood flow to other veins in the legs. Great saphenous vein (GSV) and related varicosities are targeted conditions for the VenaSeal adhesive..

As a minimally invasive treatment, it does not require any intravenous anaesthetic injections, or tumescent anaesthesia. The potential of nerve damage, common in thermally based therapies, is completely removed with this method, making it not only effective but also safe.

The severity of the patient’s varicose veins will determine the speed with which they see improvement, but in all cases, patients may expect to feel better quickly.

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What are the advantages of this procedure?

Experts may suggest the VenaSeal technique because of its many advantages.

  • The surgery caused minimal pain.
  • Quicker healing means you can go back to your regular routine sooner.
  • Substitute for tumescent fluid; one needle insertion is now possible.
  • Slightly bruised

Compression stockings are not required following surgery, however they may be helpful for certain people.